The company is now fully use the ERP management system, ERP system will help enterprises to better enhance their competitiveness, reduce operating costs, improve enterprise management level, to enable enterprises to achieve greater competitive advantage in the competition in the industry. Embodied in the following aspects:
1, optimize the supply chain management, reduce logistics costs and enhance customer service levels, accelerate payment collection efficiency.
2, to achieve unified management of capital flow, logistics, information flow, and does not solve the internal information flow and management difficulties and other defects.
3, real-time business data processing, accurate decision-making command issued. Reduce business risk, rapid response to market changes.
4, the effective control of raw materials, work in progress and finished goods inventory, increase inventory turns.
5, improve on-time delivery rate and reduce shipping error rate, so that greatly improved business efficiency and credibility.
6, procurement staff have timely and accurate production planning information to understand production problems, shorten procurement time and cost savings in procurement.

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