Service Pledge
1, the instrument can motor Quality: fine motor, tree national brand.
2, the instrument can motor quality objectives: product 99.9% pass rate, customer satisfaction rate of 99.9%.
3, the instrument can motor in accordance with the national standard product design, production and testing.
4, the instrument can motor through the ISO9001 quality system certification, from product design, contract review, materials purchase, products processing, product inspection (99.9% inspection), packaging and after-sales service, strict implementation of the tracking process card management, and shut off responsibility system, so that product quality and service of the formation can be traced back.
5, the instrument can motor for each contract were reviewed by the relevant departments to ensure the viability of the contract, to ensure product quality, assurance of supply, to ensure that meet user requirements, in order to improve user satisfaction.
6, the instrument can motor for semi-finished products have to do meticulous, even the most demanding testing to ensure the accuracy of every process, every batch of products are carried material quality testing, testing perspective, size measurement, mechanical properties, mechanical properties, seal housing testing and other tests to ensure the quality and performance of products.
7. Based on the above statement, I promised the company, the product shelf life of 12 months, the implementation of three bags of product quality, such as product quality problems, the company's after-sales instrument can be rushed to the scene technician in the fastest time, solve problems for users, allowing users to truly rest assured. 

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